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Yep that's right folk, we've finally made it to the Ignorminious? Misty Mind Centenary post! No, it hasn't been 100 years since I started this blog (although it feels that way sometimes). That isn't what we are celebrating here. If it was I'd probably be too old to type by now and might even be dead. No, it's the 100th post I've written since the blog went live on 2nd September 2006.

By all rights, this should have happened a lot sooner. If you'd counted the days since September you'd have expected this to come around ages ago, had I been writing at least one post a day, which clearly I haven't been. It also should have taken place on Wednesday, given that post #99 was written on Tuesday this week, but I've been building up to this mile stone for quite some time now and I didn't want to write it while tired/grouchy/uninspired etc, hence this delay of a couple of days until I had something good to write about.

Actually, the number of exciting things to have happened recently are fairly small, despite my best attempts to make it otherwise, so I'll simply stick to a brief rundown of everything that has been going on in my life. Tuesday I spent all day in uni, studying hard, and when I left I was accompanied by a friend who I'd agreed to give a lift to the bus station. For this reason I left campus by a different route to usual and so was fortunate enough to witness the following scene.

We'd got stuck behind a clapped out old beetle which seemed incapable of doing more than about 30MPH and were still behind it when we reached the lights controlled junction that joins the northern end of Cold Harbour Lane to the Ring Road. After a short wait, the lights turned green and the first couple of vehicles drove off. The beetle however remained where it was. After around 10 seconds the driver opened his door and climbed out. He then proceeded to push the car as fast as he could towards the junction, presumably trying to restart the engine.

Just as he reached the stop line he jumped back into the car which continued to move for around another 2 or 3 yards before coming to a halt part way across the junction. The lights had turned red by this point and I was wondering what to do when a man dressed in biking gear dropped his cycle on a nearby traffic island and ran to the car to help. At the same time the land rover behind me turned sharply to the left and stopped alongside me, just out of the way of the traffic and the driver got out to join in.

By this point the driver of the beetle had gotten out again and the three of them, waiting for a gap in the traffic, proceeded to push the car as fast as possible across the junction and onto the dual carriage way. I was worried the driver wouldn't be able to get in, the car was going so fast, but somehow he managed to get himself behind the wheel again and sped off, still only doing 30. What struck my friend and I was the helpfulness of the cyclist and the land rover driver, to risk their own safety on a busy junction to help this guy. It all happened so fast they can hardly have had time to weigh up the situation, they just did it.

In other news, I am currently reeling from losing access to television for the first time in as long as I can remember. Our TV License was held by A & the housemate who left & and on Tuesday we finally had confirmation that he *thinks* he's cancelled it. It should be taken into account that brains are not this guy's best quality and nor is being proactive when it comes to sorting these things out, so we can't be entirely sure about our status, but it was decided not to take a risk, and since none of us are prepared to pay for a license, the TV has been unplugged and returned to my room.

Sadly it seems that now the one and only function of the communal lounge has been revoked, it will become a sorely under used part of the house. The workaholic nature of the two remaining house mates means that the only time we ever really spent in the lounge was when there was something on TV that we all liked. Now that it's gone I anticipate we'll be spending the rest of the year in our own rooms, doing our own things.

There was a little excitement last night when a small electrical fire broke out in our kitchen. I'd been very disappointed by the lack of a decent pudding to accompany my dinner and so had resorted to making myself a nice filling milkshake with the remains of the ice cream in my freezer, given that the freezer is now so ineffective at the whole freezing stuff routine, all the ice cream I'd bought has gradually turned to mush.

I have an old liquidiser which I'd been given by my mother before I bought a food processor and this had made me one or two very good milkshakes in the past, and so I dug it out. The milk shake having been made and poured into a glass, I was just taking the first sip when there was a small bang, and smoke began to pour out of the liquidiser motor housing. The thing wasn't running at the time, but it had been plugged in at the wall still, and this was clearly enough to start what must have been quite a hefty little fire going in there.

Once unplugged the smoke died away and after a couple of hours I managed to get rid of the smell, but it just goes to show: even if an appliance is not running, leaving it switched on at the wall can be very dangerous. Had the fire not happened until after I'd left the room with my milkshake, the kitchen could have been engulfed in flames.

And with that stark warning, I think I'll call a halt to this post, and go and make myself some coffee.

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