Inside The Mind

Posted on Tuesday 23rd January 2007 at 00:00
In my bid to be a total copy-cat when it comes to everything blog related, I decided today to do what almost every blogger I know has done and have created a 'Best Bits? section for my navigation panel. Inside The Mind is a show case of the 10 best posts for those wishing to get an idea of what Ignorminious? Misty Mind is all about.

I've picked out a mixture of posts from among the archives that I'm either particularly proud of or I think may help readers to understand me better. This list needn't be static as I hope to write many much more exciting posts in the future but in order for me to keep it up to date I need your input.

Every time I write a post which you think is worthy of being added to Inside The Mind, comment on the post telling me what you like about it and which entry you think it should replace. Since 10 items is already more than most new visitors are likely to read anyway, I feel I've got to operate a strict one in one out system to keep the list under control. All posts will, as ever, remain available in the Archives for anyone who wishes to read them.

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