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Posted on Monday 22nd January 2007 at 00:00
Isn't it funny how by changing just one little thing in your environment you can make a world of difference to your experience of all or part of your life? In my case, the change was to my duvet, which I replaced the other day with a nice new 13.5 tog. Since the old one was about a 5 tog, this was clearly a pretty major shift towards the snug, so I was expecting to notice a difference, but nothing could have prepared me to be blown away like this.

It says on the packet that it is a 'Standard? winter duvet. That may be so, but I've never had a duvet more than half the thickness of this one. It's incredible! I have trouble man handling it because it is just so big. The real pleasure though is in the warmth. It used to take me a good 5 minutes to get comfortable and warm in my bed each night, but now it is almost as though I'd just got out of it after a night's sleep. I swear I don't think it could be any warmer any quicker if I had an electric blanket preheating it for me!

I don't know whether it is because of this or the thickness, but for some reason I am able to relax more easily than normal. From the second I get into bed I can feel all my muscles gradually relaxing, and all the stress and tension just drains out of me. It almost feels like a hot bath or one of those heat treatments you can use to help pulled muscles to recover. Even my legs, which have a nasty tendency to cramp up in the evening, are in heaven under that duvet.

It also means that I'm able to open my window a fraction at night without freezing to death, allowing me to get a better air supply as I sleep, something which I'm told is important for your respiratory system.

I'd always thought of myself as favouring a fairly cool sleeping environment, as I tend to overheat quite easily in bed and I hate waking up sweaty. Nevertheless, I've not felt too hot once with this duvet, even on the slightly warmer nights. If all the best scientists in the world came together, I doubt they could produce a better sleeping environment for me than I have to look forward to tonight.

Sweet dreams everyone!

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