Five Things You May Or May not Know About Me

Posted on Saturday 20th January 2007 at 00:00
Responding to Sally's tag I'm going to tell you five things you may or may not know about me, since I can't honestly remember what I've talked about in the past.

1.When I was 11 I suffered a nasty facial injury during a game of baseball. It occurred at scouts, where I was still one of the younger members at that point and consequently small enough to go fairly unnoticed much of the time. We were playing a game of baseball on a field outside our lodge, and the leaders of the group had decided to stay inside to drink tea or whatever it was they did when they weren't supervising our activities.

I was second in line to bat and had lost what very little interest I'd ever possessed in the game. For this reason I wasn't paying any attention to what was going on and hadn't realised how close to the batter I had been pushed by the queue of hyperactive young teenagers behind me. Sadly, nor had the batter. He was a strong, well built lad of 16 called Alan, who had no trouble in swinging the large log that we were using as a substitute bat.

He took an enormous swing and smacked the ball as far as the eye could see, smashing the 'bat? into my face on the follow through. Seemingly he didn't realise what had happened at first, as he reportedly went on to score a home run, but I was not aware of this at the time, since I had been thrown to the ground by the force of the impact and was now examining the blood which splashed onto the grass from a large split in my top lip, running from the lip itself to just below my left nostril. If I wasn't squeamish I could have actually poked my tongue through it.

I ended up going to A+E and having multiple stitches put into it, one of which was missed by the doctor who removed them a week later because the scabbing had buried it. For the first day or two after the accident I was forced to suck my food through a straw as I couldn't open my mouth properly. The forgotten stitch gradually worked its way to the surface over the next few weeks, and after its removal the wound became infected. By the time I started secondary school at the end of the summer, I had what looked like an unusually large wart on my face, but which was actually a puss filled lump. If it wasn't for Dad deciding to pop it with a pin and get the puss out a week later (something which not one of the doctors I saw thought to do) I would have probably needed plastic surgery to rebuild the lip. However, with the NHS meeting its usual efficiency targets, the infection had been gone several months by the time I actually saw the plastic surgeon.

2. I have never fully revised for an exam. Not once. Even back in the days when my parents tried to make me revise, I'd always sit in my room doing other things whilst pretending to revise. Same is pretty much true now actually. Although I often will make a half attempt to revise for perhaps half an hour, I cannot actually bring myself to revise properly. This has led to a few problems in the past and will probably lead to a few more before I eventually graduate, but I'll be so glad just to not have to waste my life on exams or revision anymore. Education is all very well and good, but there really is only so much of it a person can take in one life time, and I've definitely had my fill.

3. I am totally unable to skim read. Sadly, there is a hole in the British education system & or at least there was when I went through it - in about the place where they teach kids to skim read, rather than just looking at one word at a time. As a result, my reading speed isn't much faster than my typing speed, which is itself pretty poor, at around 40-60 words per minute. This doesn't detract from my enjoyment of reading in any way of course, it merely means that it takes me twice as long to do it. If I have time to dedicate to a book, it'll take me about a month to complete it, even if it isn't that long, and 12 books a year is a pretty poor performance for someone who likes reading. Academic texts go even more slowly, and checking my RSS feed list to see whose updated their blogs takes me between 60-90 minutes daily.

4. I've never been to America. Despite our 'special relationship? with the States and my tendency to do a reasonable amount of travelling, I've never even been near the place. It is on my to-do list of course, especially New York which I'd very much like to see, but I don't know when/if I'll get round to it. To be honest, I'm not sure I'm happy with flying to the US while they are still allowed to acquire information about passengers on flights to the States. It is one thing for the British government to have my details, but I don't trust the Bush Administration nearly enough to let them know anything about me. Hell Bush isn't smart enough to clean public toilets.

5. I can sit and watch a film for two hours and love every minute of it but not be able to tell you anything about it the moment it finishes. Never mind the complicated details such as who directed and produced it, I can't usually remember the name of the film I just saw, never mind who was in it, where it was set, the names of any characters, the story line or any amusing quotes/jokes. It has taken me a long time to develop the ability to talk about films, and it seems I still have a long way to go before my brain will start retaining enough information to actually be useful when people ask me which films I like.

Well, that's my five! I won't tag anyone as I'm not sure of anyone who reads this and hasn't already done it. If you wish to do it, please, be my guest, I'm sure you'll come up with much more interesting things to say than I have.

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