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Posted on Thursday 18th January 2007 at 00:00
At last the tyranny of the January exam season has ended for me, and I am once again able to focus my attention and free time on things that matter to me, such as this here blog. There is so much I wanted to write about over the last couple of weeks but haven't been able to find the time for, and now I can at last write about some of them, or the ones I remember anyway :)

Has anyone been here long enough to remember when I started my bar job, back in November? I wrote about it that evening and included the immortal words 'I've yet to be registered on the till system, but hopefully it won't take long.? On Tuesday, for the first time ever I was able to sign onto the till and see my own name appear, a mere 2 and a half months after beginning work there. It seems that far from being a long process, all it took was a phone call, and a few hours for the computer system to update the tills. Sadly no one had bothered to take heed of my frequent reminders until I asked a substitute supervisor on Monday if he'd mind looking into it for me. Five minutes later I was given my own logon id. Admittedly, at the time the name came up as 'SPARE? but I was assured that that wouldn't last. I know on the grand scale of complaints people have about their working lives that this is a pretty small issue, but to me at least it does make a difference. Sort of like an acknowledgement if you will, that I'm a valid member of the team.

I went to Tesco today to do a spot of shopping and ended up coming out with a new duvet and a spare set of towels, in addition to my regular shopping. I hadn't exactly planned to buy them, but somehow I found myself in that part of the shop, as if drawn there by fate. The weather forecast is for a cold snap next week, and as the winter draws on I'm becoming increasingly aware that my super thin duvet is a little too thin to really class as snug and actually I need something a little more heavy duty if I'm going to avoid freezing to death, especially if people keep switching the heating off in favour of wearing jumpers all the time.

I think what makes it worse in my room, and this especially noticeable today, is the massive air vent that some inconsiderate bugger has stuck on my wall. The hole leads directly to an outside wall and is covered with the sort of grate that cannot be closed. Back in about October I stuck some paper over it and since then it has had several modifications in an attempt to keep it sealed. Sadly though, today's extreme winds have proven to me that unless I can persuade the landlord to block it up properly, say by replacing the grate on the outside with a regular brick and filling the gap with insulation, I'm not going to have a very warm winter.

Speaking of the wind, as I was driving out of the car park at Tesco earlier, I encountered a shopping trolley coming towards me, seemingly without an owner. This trolley had clearly had a bit too much to drink, as far from travelling in a straight line, it proceeded to ricochet off every single car in the queue to leave the car park and half of the parked ones as well. It happened too fast for anyone to stop it and as the wind took it, the bloody thing hit my car door with a hell of a bang. I was really annoyed about it, especially as the store had asked customers to return their trolleys to the trolley parks so as to avoid the wind smashing them into people's cars. Fortunately there was no damage, otherwise I'd have been really angry.

Is it just me or is there no half way point between having your mouth as dry as a desert and turning your body into one of those water fountains - sculpted to look like small boys relieving themselves - that you find in town squares? It is a balance I seriously need to get sorted out, not least because I'm pretty sure it isn't healthy to still be feeling all the effects of dehydration when the glass of water you drank 10 minutes before is coming out the same colour as it went in.

Perhaps I should finish here before the tone of this post goes any further downhill. If I get a chance later tonight I shall post the meme that Sally tagged me to do ages ago. I bet you all can't wait for that little treasure!


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