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Posted on Sunday 14th January 2007 at 00:00
Well, here I am again, making up for a little while without posting. I guess that is what comes of being fairly busy, or at least trying to be. Actually I've probably had more time free to post than most people reading this, or at least the ones holding down full time jobs. Mind you, that is roughly what I've been doing this week. Not quite 40 hours I admit, but 39 and a half is pretty close, even if the last few hours were picked up on Saturday.

It is for this reason that I've also not written anything here. As much as I enjoy work, it doesn't give me a huge amount to talk about, and I'm always cautious about what it is ok to mention on the internet. I will however outline the week in the barest of details. Our regular bar supervisor has been ill all of this week, and shall be for most of the next by the sounds of things and so we've had a replacement, one of the supervisors from another bar who is often with us filling in for missing people as his bar doesn't open much these days.

It's been a pleasent change as this guy has sought to get me a little more involved in the running of the bar, rather than just working in it, and I've learnt a lot over the week about the considerations that need to go into ordering stock, deciding which lines to promote etc, as well as the various less well known aspects of maintenance and cleaning that have to be carried out on the various bits of equipment located in the bar. I've even been asked my opinions on the quantities of stock that should be ordered and given leave to make various decisions about the bar, such as to replace all the old pint glasses with the new branded ones we received from the brewery after changing lines of beer. In short, I've felt more involved in the job this last week than in the whole of the two months I worked there before Christmas. Also, because we've been chronically understaffed the whole time I've been on the tills all day rather than just making coffee and so have learnt where everything I need is now, even many of the obscure lines that don't get sold very often.

In other news, The Phantom Email found itself a mate and they had a baby together, bringing the total number of unexplained unread emails up to a grand total of 3. One of these was discovered earlier today lurking in early November and was subsequently shot at and killed by police marksmen. The other two unknowns remain at large.

Earlier today I downloaded and installed a copy of Office 2007, only to discover it was in a foreign language. Not quite sure which one but I think it may have been Dutch. Am currently in the process of installing an English language version instead, so hopefully this shall be the last post I write on Wordpad, and therefore the last one with all these hideous spelling mistakes.

All week I've had an aching back. I'm not sure what caused it exactly, but it seems to be muscular, rather than a trapped nerve or broken spine or anything. It doesn't bother me all day long, but it is quite irritating while it is there. I imagine a good massage with a skilled pair of hands would sort me out, but that just isn't a good opening line when you meet someone in a bar.

This coming week I have two exams (which I have yet to revise for) and many hours of work. It's going to be really weird going back to only two days in the bar and three studying after all the bar work I've done over the last few weeks, but sadly that's the way it has to go. Hopefully I'll be able to take on more hours as and when my uni work load dips again at Easter. For now though I think I'll stick with going to find something for tea, as hunger may actually kill me.

Shall try desperately to update more often this week ;)

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