Posted on Wednesday 3rd January 2007 at 00:00
Well folks, it seems the new year enthusiasm has court me up a little at last. I'm still feeling far too glum about the future to say I'm really looking forward to it, at least not that bit which is due to happen over the next 12 months. By the end of 2008 I expect my life to have got a little more exciting, what with uni finally being out of the way and a new career hopefully having been decided on, but I digress.

These next few days look to be focused on organisation. This evening I've already rearranged my personal folders on the computer to make more sense and begun to rebuild my favourites list after the old one was accidentally wipped the other day. I've yet to sort out all my music and delete the 70% or so that I don't actually listen to ever, but perhaps tomorrow. I've also decided to rearrange my desk, moving my CPU onto the floor to free up space. This shall be followed over the next few months with the purchase of a new flat screen monitor and a wireless keyboard to match my wireless mouse, the idea being to go minimalist and modern in the place where I tend to spend most of my life. I do hate unnecessary clutter. Even if it is all essential stuff it can make the room look very messy at times.

Tomorrow I plan to paint the foot long scratch down the side of my car, which I've been meaning to do for about a month as it looks awful (thanks whichever bastard did that and didn't even leave a note. Fucking students; so damn rude!). I'm also getting my eyes tested and giving blood (I feel like I've got too much just now) as well as getting lots of little things done that have been hanging over.

I'll probably spend quite a while indulging in computer and life style material, whether it be magazines or websites, as I always tend to do at this time of year. The truth is that, far from being content with the "student life style", I'm well on my way to wanting the life of a young, single, professional man. I want modern furniture, tasteful, subtle decore and little mess. At this rate I'll start cruising the Ikea cataloge in my spare time. The aging, damp, badly fitted and even more badly repaired accommodation that students have has lost its appeal totally and I want to move on to something better. These days I feel like this most of the time, but it is especially true at New Year because it's the time you take stock of life.

I replaced my headphones today. A few months ago, the old ones I had sadly expired. Not sure exactly what I did to them, but the wires inside broke and I was left having to sit in exactly the right position to get a clear sound. I was in Tesco this afternoon and happened to spot the exact same pair among their technology stuff. I was extremely happy with the old ones, before I broke them, not least because the bass was better than on my PC speakers and the overall sound quality, fit, comfortableness etc was faultless. For this reason I bought them without hesitation and am currently celebrating by listening to ABBA's Greatest Hits.

ABBA are a most odd group in some respects. Firstly, they are generally thought of as cheesy it seems, but on this album at least, most of the songs are mellow, in subject even if not in melody. Secondly, all their songs sound very "in the past". I know this sounds stupid, as obviously they are all from the past, but unlike other old music, I can't imagine them being new or current. They are all nostalga songs, and it is hard to imagine how they could have ever been otherwise. Maybe this is why they were so successful back in the day. I'd put it down to their deep infiltration of our culture since long before I was born, but I wouldn't describe The Beatles in the same way and they are even older.

Perhaps I should stop rambling and get to bed. I'm already much less than 8 hours from the time I have to get up. Damn my screwed up sleeping patterns!

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