Sleeping In

Posted on Thursday 28th December 2006 at 00:00
Isn't it funny how one's perception of time can alter their behaviour and ultimately how much they get done? I always find I'm unable to use my time as wisely if I don't feel that it is really there. For instance, on a Saturday, I see 3pm as the middle of the afternoon, with several hours to go before I need to start thinking about moving from day time activities to evening ones. However, when I finish work at 3pm, it is suddenly no longer the middle of the afternoon but the end of it, and there is absolutely no time left in the day to do anything at all.

Today I slept in late and didn't get up til half 1. By this time, my family had all departed and I was left alone in the house with no idea where anyone was. Although I was quick to shower and dress, I'd done little else by the time my parents returned from B&Q for lunch. Afterwards I was just about able to squeeze in a trip to the bank to cash some cheques, but that was basically all I achieved with my whole day. In fairness, it turning dark just after 4 was a pretty good reason for not washing my car at that time but even so; what a waste of a day.

Had it been sunny til late into the evening and had I been up at 9, my use of the afternoon would have been infinately more productive. In fact I'd have probably got a whole list of things done which I never even started because from my perspective the day was only around three hours long.

Fortunately I've made up for it this evening by completing my redesign of Ignorminious' Misty Mind's main theme. I must admit I'm actually quite proud of this, although really it isn't anything very special. If you'd like to view it, you may do so here. It is best viewed in a maximised browser with a screen resolution of 1280x1024, which I assume is probably higher than most people have, so you'll not be able to really appreciate it in all its full glory. If this is the case for you, I've taken a screen shot of what it should look like for you to take a look at. I shall do my best to impliment this theme on the 1st January for everyone to enjoy, by which time I hope to have written a script to adjust the site to fit your screen resolution.

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