Bye-Bye Christmas

Posted on Thursday 28th December 2006 at 00:00
Well Christmas is over at last, and things are beginning to get back to normal. Mum has decided that enough of the Christmas left overs have been eaten for her to go back to critising me for being fat every time I eat anything, Dad has started worrying about whether his computer can connect to his work network or not, Mike and Tim are back to working/socialising/slobbing and I'm back on the internet every spare moment of the day, and, as you can see, updating my blog again.

Some things have changed however. When I went to open Word to type this entry just now, I discovered that I don't actually have Word anymore. This is because I spent part of the afternoon installing Vista Final on my desktop PC, thus getting rid of all my previous programs and wiping the copy of XP that has served as my backup operating system - should Vista fail me - ever since I installed the beta version back in September. This marks the first time I've not had XP on one or more of my computers since July 2002 when I first purchased it. End of an era you might say. The draw back, from your perspectives as well as mine, is that I am writing this in Notepad, without the aid of a spell check, as i'm sure the more observant of you have probably already noticed.

Another thing that has changed is the state of play in my various friendships here in Yateley. For the first time in about 5 years, it seems we shall not all be together as a group for New Year's Eve. Sadly, this is not because of one or more people being unavailable, but merely the fact that different people have decided not to bothercompromising over what we should do for the evening, and instead have chosen to go their seperate ways.

Big parties having been deemed a bad idea after several years experience, it seems that a select group shall be attending the venue we used last year (I've been officially not invited by the hostess as she and I don't get on nearly as well as we did this time last year), one is returning to university to celebrate with her new friends there, and then there is me. Or so I thought anyway. Fortunately it seems another of our number shall also not be attending the party, and she and I have agreed to do a quiet evening instead, possibly involving movies and only a little drink, which I think will be infinately preferable, even if it's not quite as exciting sounding as bungee jumping off Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Christmas Day itself was a peaceful affair, spent mostly in front of the TV, but with time enough left over to frequently visit my beloved internet. Boxing Day was a little less peaceful, with the arrival of many relatives, one of whom greeted me with the observation that I'd put on a hell of a lot of weight since we'd last met. He went on to advice that I go on a diet as soon as the New Year started, before it was too late. I said nothing but silently contented myself with the knowledge that, as a non-blood relative, there was no way I could possibly inherit his rudeness, and that as an elderly relative, he would probably be dead before the effects of any diet I should care to embark on would begin to make themselves apparent, so why bother. I settled for ignoring him for the rest of the day and cashing the '30 cheque he sent me as a present before he could get too much interest from it.

The rest of the family were far more amiable however, and by the time they departed I was in a good mood. Not that my mood has dipped particularly over the festive period, but this year as last, I've noticed that Christmas doesn't hold quiet the magic that it once did. I guess these days I'm too busy to find time for it, and what time there is during the year passes so quickly that I've not recovered my interest in the season from the previous year by the time it comes round again. Now New Year is fast approaching, and with it the need to take down Christmas decorations. Here that means the removal of the tackiest seasonal theme for a website ever. The plan was (and still is) to replace it with a revamped version of the ordinary theme. However, I can't promise that this shall be ready in time, so for the time being, please don't hold your breath. If the worst comes to the worst I'll revert to the old theme in order to stop any readers from suffering that horrible shiver that comes from witnessing something rather Christmasy when it is about as far from Christmas as you can get.

Watch this space ...

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