Christmas Moan

Posted on Sunday 24th December 2006 at 00:00
Why is Christmas such an incredibly busy time. Although never totally absolved from blame, it has to be noted that my completely appalling time management is not the only reason why I am writing my blog post at 2:45 am. It is also down to the fact that I simply do not have any other time available to me at the moment.

I'm not entirely sure why, but ever since I arrived home from uni on Thursday for my 'holiday? I've hardly stopped for a second. Thursday afternoon I went emergency birthday shopping for a friend's 21st. I then went straight from there to the party for said birthday, where I stayed overnight before driving to another shopping centre to do emergency Christmas shopping (mostly in Sainsbury's) before going straight to a friend's house to give the newly purchased presents, and eventually went home for the evening, where I spent around 6 hours catching up on a week's worth of blog feeds.

Today I had to get up in time for a haircut at 12 before a meal and drinks in a local pub at 1. When I returned I just had time to put up and decorate the Christmas tree before dinner after which I began the long task of unpacking my uni stuff for the holiday, something I've not yet finished. It is now more or less Christmas Eve and the list of things to do tomorrow is long enough to force me out of bed absolutely no later than 9, and only that late because I'm insistent on not being sleep deprived by the time Christmas actually arrives.

In between all these activities I've been (and shall continue to be) a taxi service for my youngest brother who works an unreliable bus ride away and have also managed to wrap all the presents I've bought for the family, label them and get them under the tree. Although I have loads of festive tasks to undertake tomorrow (the ceiling decorations, polishing the silver, putting up the rest of the fairy lights etc) I also have the more general jobs to complete, like finishing my unpacking, hovering and dusting, as Christmas can't be Christmas unless everything is tidy and smells of polish.

On top of all that, the washing machine has totally died on us, after around 12 years of faithful service. This means we can now not do any washing until we get a new one in the post Christmas sales, which will have to wait a day anyway as we have large chunks of the family descending upon us on Boxing Day and we aren't nearly ready.

I appreciate this isn't a very interesting post, but this is my blog for me to write what is on my mind each day, and right now this is it. I'd try to make it sound interesting, but I'm exhausted. For the first year ever I'm beginning to agree with the Narrator in The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping. It really is possible to be too busy for Christmas.

All I hope now is that I won't start agreeing with the badge I was given by a friend yesterday, presumably to describe my Christmas personality, and bearing the legend 'Ho Bloody Ho!?

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