Christmas Rush

Posted on Saturday 23rd December 2006 at 00:00
Despite my quietness over the last week, I am not (as perhaps previously assumed) dead or in hospital with serious injuries. I have in fact continued to be alive, despite not posting here nor really spending much time reading or commenting on other people's blogs. This is because I've been really busy working, and by that I mean I've been going to work at 10 each morning and working solidly through to anywhere between midnight and 2am every day. Given that my job mostly involves wandering around carrying things and never involves sitting down, I've been too tired to post during my time at home.

This is a shame, because had it been otherwise I'm sure I'd have written many great posts about the various Christmas parties I worked, the frantic episodes of Christmas shopping I've encountered, the insane fog which I've spent so many hours driving through and of course my Thursday evening out (now over a week over due).

I do of course still plan to write about at least some of these things for you, now that I have finished work and returned home for the holidays, but I imagine this will happen in bits and pieces over the next few days of festive insanity, as the list of things I still have to do before Christmas grows longer with every word I type.

As Anna pointed out, many blog readers will have stopped reading for the holidays now, so I hope those who continue to read will forgive me for the slower pace at which I write my posts this next week or so, and all of you will have a very Merry Christmas indeed.

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