A Technical Note Part 2

Posted on Friday 6th October 2006 at 00:00
You know what, sometimes I even surprise myself with my brilliance! If you'll recall, I posted earlier this evening to inform you all that I intended to start work on adding the Archive function to the website, a task I honestly anticipated would take a month or more to sort out the coding for. It is now the same evening and I have already finished and tested the feature. How cool is that?

I'm not pretending for a second here it was all smooth sailing; it wasn't. Many, many bugs in the code I wrote, partly because I'm a lazy arse who doesn't concentrate on writing the code out properly in the first place and also because what I wanted to do was so beyond my understanding of PHP that I couldn't actually visualise what I had to do. I guess what really makes the achievement so great is that I didn't ask anyone for any help at all, something I don't generally have the strength of character to manage.

I shan't go on about it anymore though as even I can tell that my writing style is starting to drag with tiredness, which probably means you are all asleep already. All that remains to be said is that as far as I'm concerned, this site is now finished and so shouldn't experience anymore downtime in the near future. If anyone has any ideas for future improvements and enhancements please comment with your thoughts.


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