Ignorminious' Christmas Challenge

Posted on Thursday 14th December 2006 at 00:00
Ok, here's a quick thought. Over the last couple of weeks, the number of comments I've received on each of my posts has increased greatly, and at the time of writing there are just 12 less comments here than the number of posts I've written so far. What I've been hoping for a long time now is that at some point the number of comments will actually exceed the number of entries in the blog, which to my mind is the way these things should be anyway.

A few weeks ago I wouldn't have expected this to be possible til perhaps the spring, so far behind were the comments, stuck for over a month stubbornly at 15. Now that we are at 66 for 78 posts, I put this challenge to you. Could everyone who reads this blog add a comment to this post. If there are as many of you silent readers as I hope out there, we might just pass that target of 78 before the next post. At any rate I'd love to get there by Christmas Day, as that would make me very happy.

Remember, for every post I write, the target is raised and so at least one more comment is needed to reach it. The more of you who comment now, the better our chances of completing Ignorminious' Christmas Challenge.

P.S There are no prizes, although if I win the biscuits from the Insignificant Awards I'll give one to every person who participates in the challenge.

P.P.S I got my coursework in on time, in case anyone was wondering and am now a free man (academically speaking) until the New Year! Sadly this won't mean an end to the late nights as a mixture of work and parties have conspired to ensure that I'm unlikely to ever sleep again .... except for now of course as I'm off to bed.

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