Posted on Wednesday 13th December 2006 at 00:00
Sorry I've not posted in a few days. I'd love to talk about all the exciting things I've done (Ha!) but sadly all I've done for a few days, and all I continue to do is coursework. My absolute last deadline for this term is tomorrow/later today, after which normal blogging service will be resumed asap. Not that I have a whole lot to talk about even then, except perhaps the chaos that was work on Monday.

Today I had to go into uni and hand in a copy of granddad's death certificate, which they may or may not need to take into account when marking coursework. Probably not as I doubt it makes much difference to anything, but there we go. Found out a week ago that I needed to submit a copy, so emailed my aunt, who has all that sort of stuff, and asked her to send one, which she did, with it arriving this morning.

I've just been informed that the website has gone offline. Although I'm sure this is just a momentary glitch, I rather hope it'll be back online in a moment so I can post this and then get a few hours kip. Speaking of technical faults, apologies to anyone who may have received unsolicited mail from my server in the last few hours. Earlier it seems someone dumped a load of mailer scripts on my server. Upon discovery of this fact I removed the scripts and fixed the security loop hole that was giving them server access in the first place. I still think it is sad that I'm first alerted to these issues by the fact that my site suddenly starts taking a reasonable number of hits.

Anyway, as you can probably tell from my writing style, I'm dog tired, and so plan sleep now before doing anymore work. Laters ......

P.S The junk mail still continues to come in thick and fast, although it has lessened considerably since I removed some spyware with adaware earlier today. Looks like the threat may have come from within. This being the case, those fuckwits probably didn't read my blog after all. I told you they can't read!

P.P.S Am also rather amused that someone at Micro$oft felt it appropriate to add "fuckwit" into the Word dictionary. Makes you wonder why Ignorminious still isn't there really doesn't it?

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