The Car That Never Moves ….

Posted on Friday 8th December 2006 at 00:00
Outside our house is a mysterious car. Referred to only as 'The BMW? by the housemates and I, it appears to be a car without an owner. It has not moved at all since we moved in on the 1st September, and we think it was there during a visit on the 1st August as well. At first we thought it belonged to next door, but they already seem to have two cars, and at any rate, none of them ever seem to go near the BMW. The wheels have been fitted with alloys, which afford us a perfect view of the brake discs, which are rusted. I've never seen this on a car before so I can't say how long one has to not move for this to occur, but I'm guessing quite a while. Inside, everything is coated in dust, which I've also never seen.

This car has been the cause of continued annoyance for us, as by being parked in front of our house, it allows very little room for our own cars, on what is already a terribly overcrowded street. If you are looking at the photo below and thinking to yourself That street isn't crowded please bear in mind that this photo was taken at about 11 in the morning, so most of the cars were out for the day.

We called the police about it back in September to see if it had been dumped, but all they could tell us was that it wasn't a vehicle they had an interest in. Right now all we can do is watch and wait for the tax disc to expire at the end of February, at which point we can call them again and have it towed away.

For a long time we believed that we were the only ones who didn't want the car there, but apparently not. A little while ago we had a frost, and the next morning we spotted the words 'Move Me? written in the ice on the window. A quick interrogation of all housemates revealed that none of us had written the message. We can only speculate about who else wants it moved, as we can only continue to speculate about who owns the car and why they've chosen to leave it there. It isn't a half bad car, so we really can't understand why it should be allowed to get into such a sorry state.

For now though, I'll stop worrying about such trivial matters and go to work for the evening. Have a good weekend everyone!

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