Junk Email The Second

Posted on Thursday 7th December 2006 at 00:00
Haha! It looks like I'm paying for my last post now! Apparently, much to my surprise, 'Wayne? does in fact 'read? my blog after all, although I strongly suspect all he was actually capable of was looking at the pictures. When I got home from work I found that my average of maybe 10 unwanted items in my inbox since this morning had risen to a whopping 40 junk emails! Most of them were identical to each other as well, which apart from anything else just shows how incredibly, unbelievably, arse-scratchingly stupid these morons really are. It supposedly hasn't occurred to them that if I don't take an interest in the email the first time around, I'm probably not going to get any more exciting about the other 39 copies.

Apparently 90% of unwanted emails sent on the net each day originate from just 180 or so individuals. That is quite encouraging really, as even the smallest prisons can usually squeeze that many into one cell. Given that these people don't appear to have developed the level of intelligence common in most multi cellular life forms, they will probably be quite content with the cramped conditions as I imagine they relieve themselves wherever they are sitting/standing most of the time anyway.

I shall keep you all posted on future developments.

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