The Need For Cookies

Posted on Sunday 3rd December 2006 at 00:00
Just a quick post to yet you all know of my dazzling achievements, once again! After a hard afternoon of slaving away on behalf of all my readers, I've finally sussed getting cookies to work on the comments page. This means that from now on, if you have cookies enabled in your browser, you shan't have to type in your name, email address and website every time you post a comment, and better still, I won't have to either, since I end up replying to most comments so have to type in those same old details even more than you do.

So yea, that is one less hassle for you and I, dear reader. If anyone has any questions about cookies or has any suggestions for future improvements to the site, please comment on this post!

This site update is dedicated to: Sally Lomax who kindly suggested the need for cookies.

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