Posted on Friday 1st December 2006 at 00:00
Why is it that bad moods and tiredness are so closely linked? It really bugs me! Why can't I get tired in the evening and not end up in a bad mood because of it? It is really, really problematic from a social point of view. If I get tired I end up in a bad mood and if I'm in a bad mood I'm unpleasant to people and if I'm unpleasant to people I can't get along with anyone because I'm feeling too antisocial and I feel tired every single day.

I'm beginning to wonder if the sudden and total drop in enthusiasm for forming and maintaining friendship is actually nothing to do with my total disillusionment with mankind as a whole but is in fact a symptom of a long term subtle tiredness which for reasons unknown can't be shifted with sleep. Perhaps I'm just tired of life and everything in it? If I feel like this at 20, God only knows what I'll be like by the time I'm middle aged.

Unless of course this is the middle of my life already. Perhaps I'm currently going through my midlife crisis and this is why I simultaneously despise being around people and yet need them all the same. Although if this is my midlife crisis, that means I'm going to live until I'm about 40, and the idea of that doesn't appeal much, as 40 is a long way off, and I'm already tired and miserable most of the time. It is only downhill from here.

In some totally unrelated news, I met Lady Elisabeth Butler-Sloss today. For those who don't know, she is a very high up Aristocracy type who is also a prominent former judge and the person currently in charge of the inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. She was in the news today (Butler-Sloss that is, not Diana & although if you picked up a copy of the Daily Mail today, there is a 83% chance that it would contain another conspiracy about Diana's death somewhere within its contents) something to do with the inquest and Al Fayed getting annoyed about it all.

She probably won't remember me very well, since she totally failed to acknowledge me when I cleared her plate from the table. She was there on account of her happening to be the Chancellor of my university, which apparently makes her important enough to grace us with her presence just once in a while.

But that is a side note. The main message in today's post is that I'm tired and miserable and tired of being miserable, so keep that in mind please!

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