Dreaming ….

Posted on Thursday 30th November 2006 at 00:00
Have you ever woken up and not known whether you are awake or still dreaming? Such was my fate this morning, when I rose to a state of confusion that my poor sleepy brain was completely unable to reconcile within the normal order of life. It probably didn't help that I had no idea at first what day it was and therefore what time it would be (the latter being dictated entirely by my schedule for the former) and so I struggled to understand why there was a bright glowing light coming from beyond my curtains. For those who don't know, my window faces approximately west, which means I don't tend to get a lot of morning sun (or evening sun come to that) in November. So to see this evidently bright light with a sort of orangey tint to it coming in through my window was thoroughly bizarre!

I got out of bed, wondered over to my window and drew back the curtains, where upon the scene became more dreamlike than ever. Everything that should have been there was there; the two cars, the houses opposite, one boarded up but still occupied, the BMW that never ever moves etc, but somehow everything was wrong. It looked like someone had gone and done a rather good drawing of the scene from my window using pastels, for everything was bathed in an orange-pinky glow. The sky mirrored this by actually being orange and pink. Really, it was a lovely sight, despite being very confusing.

It was only when I went into the bathroom on the east side of the house and saw the same colours only brighter that I realised I wasn't dreaming, but was in fact privileged enough to have risen during that brief period of just a few minutes on a winters day when the weather conditions are just right to split the sun rise into all those different colours and shades, and then reflect them all over the sky off a thin cover of morning clouds.

The last time I remember having a near dream experience was in my first year, and it freaked me out a little. I dreamed that I was getting out of bed and switching off my alarm clock, as I do every morning without fail. I knew it was a dream because it wasn't cold, as getting up in the morning from a warm bed tends to be.

Then I woke up and got out of bed in exactly the same manner and it was cold, just as I expected it to be. Suddenly the scene disappears in front of me and I was back in bed. This time I knew I was actually awake because of the heightened sense of existence and thought that comes from being conscious. Really freaky though, dreaming yourself waking up twice before actually doing it. Makes you wonder how much we think we are living our lives, only to discover that it is all just a vivid dream.

And on that thought, I shall leave you now and go to work, where I expect to be muchly worshiped by everyone, just for showing up and making their day that little bit happier. *cough*

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