On The Up

Posted on Wednesday 29th November 2006 at 00:00
Ok, we are up to 11:40 now and I'm feeling a lot better. Shortly after my last post I summoned up all my strength to make myself a large cup of coffee, and ever since things have begun to look up. Isn't it amazing what a fantastic substitute for a night of sleep a dose of caffeine can be! Also good is my current sense of achievement at having got to about half way through question 4 of 5. I'm more or less Ok on the word limit at the moment, but I suspect that shall go out of the window when I go back through it and try to subtly reference everything I've written to cases that I've not yet read. I'm currently having to miss a lecture to get this all done by 2pm, but I'm not too fussed, since I attended the same lecture last year, and this is more important. I think the best bit is that I actually feel like I'm doing a good job. I know some of you would debate whether or not that is possible when rushing this much and with so little sleep, but I assure you it is. It actually feels like I know what I'm talking about at last, and can apply my knowledge of the subject to the case studies accurately and with complete confidence.

If I do well in this coursework it will be amazing and wonderful. If I do badly, like I did last year I shall be majorly upset about it.

Coursework Status: 1,402 words written

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