Posted on Tuesday 28th November 2006 at 00:00
I've just had an email through from Huw telling me that after repeatedly trying, he has been unable to post any comments on the site. I investigated this and discovered that there was a conflict between the search box and the comments box of which I'd previously been unaware. I'm assuming that this means that no one has been able to post comments since I added the search box about 2 weeks ago. And I just thought I was unpopular ....

So yea, for the last two weeks or so commenting has not been possible. Now it is so please go forth and comment to your heart's content! I don't have a policy of closing comments after a set number of days so if you read a post a little while back and weren't able to comment, you can do so now. Sorry for not noticing the problem before, but testing the various site features is a long and tiresome business, and I don't tend to bother unless I think something needs testing.

In the future I would be grateful if you could please report ANY problems you encounter whilst using the site to me as quickly as possible. Odds are if you've found a problem it is because I don't know about it. There is nothing unusual about the way this site works, so if you see anything that doesn't tie in with your regular blogging experience, it probably is a problem that needs dealing with so do let me know!

Thank you.

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