So What About Style?

Posted on Monday 27th November 2006 at 00:00
As time ticks by and the number of blog posts listed under Statistics grows, it becomes increasingly apparent to me that I've yet to really find a groove for my blog, either in terms of writing style or content. I had rather hoped that this process would come into its own naturally over time, but I guess that isn't the way these things work. The reason why I feel this matters is that different people tend to like different styles of writing, and while I continually switch between styles, it is quite likely that I am pushing away a potential audience of readers who are looking for consistency in my writing.

Makes sense really. If you read a book that is part of a series and get into the writing style employed by the author, you aren't going to want to read the next in the series if upon opening it to the first page you discover a totally different and unexpected style. Having read a number of the more successful blogs out there, I've noticed that those with the greatest following are the ones that show consistency, both in the way they are written and also in a number of other factors that determine the overall 'feel? that a blog has; for example frequency of posts, subject matter, tense, whether it is written in the first or third person (as can been seen in The World Of Yaxich, well worth a read) and whether the author tries to be light hearted or serious.

Right now my blog is a mismatch of all of these things and I don't know what to aim for. Subject matter I suspect shall remain varied, not least because I don't tend to do anything that I can write about regularly without running out of things to say. Frequency however is an interesting consideration. At the moment I try to post around once a day, in order to keep the content of the blog changing frequently and therefore, hopefully also keeping people interested. I also think that the regular updates keep me in the habit of updating so hopefully I won't give this up altogether.

The problem with this is that all too often I either have nothing to say, or by the time I get round to saying it, I'm either in a rush or else far too tired to write well. In the absence of any sort of romantic life, a full time job or a social life, nothing major ever really happens to me, so I'm not left with the easy option of only posting when I've had an interesting day. Apart from that, I don't want to turn every entry into an account of my day, as posts like that need a lot doing to them to become interesting enough for others to want to read.

If anyone has any suggestions for how better to manage these entries, or else has any particular posts which they particularly enjoyed and so would like me replicate in future, please leave a comment. If you have no suggestions and didn't enjoy any of my posts, please leave a comment.

In other news, a series of cheques paid into the bank this morning and a form filled in at uni to change my tuition fee payment schedule to one payment a term has left me in a better financial position in the run up to Christmas than before. A lot better in fact. I was also informed that because of the adjusted cut off dates for pay claims this month and next, there is a good chance I will be receiving payment for more or less all the extra hours I've been doing before I return home for the holidays. Perhaps for the first time in a year I'll get through the next few weeks without having to worry about money anymore.

While I was home at the weekend visiting the family, Mum eluded to the fact that she has already bought me a Christmas present this year. Apparently it is something cool and gadgety that I don't yet have and which hopefully I want. This has really got the brain cells ticking over, since I've not yet given her a Christmas list and I already have most gadgets under the sun. It is actually quite exciting to be getting something I've not asked for for once. Not that I don't like getting the things that I do ask for of course, but it is so much more exciting when you don't already know exactly what you are being given before you've even looked under the Christmas tree.

Sadly before Christmas comes, I've got a mountain of coursework to do, so perhaps I should get on with that, rather than messing around on here all evening.

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