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Posted on Sunday 26th November 2006 at 00:00
I had planned to use this post to write down all the thoughts which occurred to me throughout the funeral on Friday and in the subsequent hours, but I've changed my mind. I've talked about death enough times recently and it is really far too depressing a subject for this blog. After all, I'm never going to attract readers if I can't be jolly and entertaining at least some of the time. Also, now that the funeral is over and done with I rather feel I'd like to let the old man rest in peace at last, so let us move on.

On Thursday I got sort of fired. I say sort of because it was only from a small part of my job and I don't feel that it really counts. Basically, on Monday and Thursday I was employed by Marketing and Communications to work at the Cathedral, under the instruction of the company running the graduate photographs. My job was to assist graduates and their families in choosing which photo pack they wanted and help them to fill in the order forms. As far as I was concerned, for the 10 seconds or so of training I'd been given, I was doing a pretty reasonable job. At any rate, the customers seemed to like me and often thanked me for my help.

Towards the end of the second day however, my boss from Marketing and Communications took me aside and told me that she'd just spoken to the workers from the photography company, and they'd complained that my selling style was not really what they were looking for and so they did not require my services for the two days this coming week that I'd signed up for. Sadly no more details were given, which leads me to conclude that the complaint must have focused around the fact that I was recommending to most of the graduates the cheapest pack, which had cunningly not been displayed in the hope that people would buy the more expensive ones.

This is fair enough I suppose. Obviously they were there to make money, but being primarily a student, I don't think I could have sided with this company in order to improve their profits while at the same time seeing people being forced to buy more photos than they actually wanted. I don't approve of people being ripped off you see. Ok, so they weren't being forced to buy any photos at all if they didn't want them, but that doesn't mean they should be effectively misinformed about what was available to them, which is what the company was clearly doing by not advertising all the packs equally. My loyalties just don't work like that.

I appreciate that this sounds fairly bitter, but I promise you it's not. I may well have lost some money out of it, but really I'm much happier with my current situation now. Instead of working for them, I was able to send a grovelling email to Catering asking if they'd take me back for the week after I'd turned them down and they accepted. Monday I shall once again be enjoying my regular shift at the bar and then on Thursday I'll be doing my last VIP lunch of the year. Apparently it is a busy one, so hopefully I'll be able to make myself extra useful this one last time.

Peace Out.

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