Ignorminious In Demand

Posted on Tuesday 21st November 2006 at 00:00
It seems in the last few days and weeks I have reached an interesting new place in my career as a working person; one which few members of the unskilled student labour markets have found themselves in before. I am actually in demand. Whilst only working for one department at uni in my spare time last year, I found a reasonable flow of work available to me, but nothing like enough to formulate any kind of regular income. Working periods were patchy and the hours short, so despite signing up for every bit of work going, I often found myself earning nothing like as much as I needed.

For this reason, I joined another department this year, this time it was Catering. I was hoping for some regular hours, as well as a few odd bits of work in between as a bonus. Now it seems, the combination of the two departments has led to me virtually never having free time. Take this Thursday for example; if I were to work all the hours which I've been offered, I'd be working in three separate places doing three different jobs all at the same time.

I applied to M&C to give me a few hours on my days off during November because they had some random hours going spare during the graduation ceremonies and Catering had only been able to supply me with two weeks of work. Just a short while after these hours were confirmed I got a phone call offering me a regular job in a bar, which I accepted on condition that I could have the time off to work the hours I'd already applied for. They said they'd love to have me working those days but accepted that I had a prior commitment to M&C. Yesterday I then receive an email from catering asking me to work the same hours again, but for the people who'd originally only been able to offer me work for a couple of weeks. Apparently they'd actually asked for me by name.

A similar situation has occurred on the Saturday coming, when both M&C and Catering wish me to work for them at the University Open Day. Sadly I've had to turn both of them down as I won't be getting back from the funeral in time. In addition to being rushed off my feet I'm actually feeling quite guilty about not being able to work for everyone who wants me. Yes, I know they have other employees who are just as capable (if not more so), but when you get requested personally by the people you've worked with before, it feels somehow wrong to have to turn them down.

I suppose now I should concentrate on getting done all the non-work tasks in my life. I have a website to build uber quickly and a couple of days away from home to prepare for. Stacks of washing have to be done before I run out of clothes totally, as I had to delve into my uncool backup wardrobe today because all the clothes I have in regular circulation have somehow ended up in the wash at the same time. Personally I blame the bad weather for making it almost impossible to ever get anything dry.

Even as we speak there is a load drying in my room and another in the washing machine. Since the heating is probably off I expect I'll be coming home to a cold damp room tonight yet again and will spend all evening trying to make it warm enough to live in.

On top of all that I have all my usual uni work to do, as well as two major coursework deadlines next week, which I can only see being met if I come back to Bristol as soon as I can at the weekend and then work solidly through until they are done.

Why is life never simple?

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