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Posted on Thursday 16th November 2006 at 00:00
Lots of little things to mention tonight. None of them worthy of a post in their own right, but all of them are (hopefully) worth a mention. At least this way, if one bit bores you, you can always move onto something else.

Monday was a funny old day, one way and another. I went into work in the morning and was walking through the kitchens when I came across a hole in the wall. Nothing in it, just a large hole, about 8ft high and 10 or 12ft wide. This would have been fairly odd in itself had it not been for my distinct memory that just a week before, there had been a cold room there. For those who don't know, a cold room or chiller is basically a room turned into a fridge or freezer. It has a large airtight door, often with an air curtain which blows when the door is open. Inside you find the walls are thickly insulated and there is a cooling device of some kind, often including a series of fans that blow chilled air around the room.

Such rooms are a feature of most modern commercial kitchens, as well as supermarkets, where they are used for storing chilled and frozen food before it is moved onto the shop floor. I know because I used to work in one during my time at Waitrose. The first think most people notice about such rooms is that they are quite cold. The second thing most people notice is that they don't tend to get up and move anywhere. They aren't like your normal kitchen fridge, which you can pull out and replace in a matter of minutes. These are actual bricks and mortar rooms. Needless to say, I was therefore quite surprised to see this one missing. Apparently it should have been rebuilt by now, but builders are the same the world over.

Another thing to make the day weird was that we were doing a free buffet lunch in the upstairs bar. This left us very over stretched and so I went straight from being the trainee who had to be shown everything to actually being in demand. One might even go so far as to say that I was a valued member of the team, although there were still one or two things I had to be shown.

Highlights of the day included pulling my first pint (which was surprisingly easy, although I did perhaps over fill the glass slightly, given that it isn't really a drinks bar and so has none of those mats to absorb any excess beer), being allowed to use the till and getting it right most of the time and being kept busy with coffee right up until 3pm thus avoiding having to clear up before going home.

The departing housemate departed rather unexpectedly today, whilst I was at uni. I received a text message towards the end of my lecture, saying he'd affectively moved out. Apparently he shall return to pick up the remainder of his stuff soon but that is it. Personally I think the early escape is because I allowed him to cut my hair very short last night. I still have some hair and apparently I look much better with the new cut, but clearly he was ashamed of his handy work and couldn't bear to see it every day until it grew again. Hopefully I'll see him when he returns in order to say a proper goodbye.

It seems that I am to be going sans House until such times as it is broadcast here in the UK. Up until now I've been enjoying it courtesy of the internet, but a lack of bandwidth on our monthly download allowance combined with a request by my housemate not to download anything else illegally has put a stop to that sort of entertainment. I'd argue that is isn't really anymore illegal than recording something off the TV, but since the channel it comes from in America is probably one that viewers subscribe to, I'd be effectively stealing pay per view copyrighted material. I could always ignore her and continue to do what I've been doing pretty much since the internet was invented, but that somehow seems wrong. It is one thing to steal TV programmes from corporate America, but it seems that lying to my housemate is more morally unacceptable, at least to me. Weird huh?

I have a long day of work tomorrow and need to sleep between now and then, so I shall finish here, and thrill you with the next exciting instalment of my life at around the same time tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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