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Posted on Wednesday 8th November 2006 at 00:00
I've spent a couple of hours this afternoon altering the way the text only version of the site works. Whereas before, the text only version was in a separate folder with a copy of every script from the main site but with the pictures removed, now the text only version uses the same scripts as the rest of the site with the pictures automatically removed when you are in text only mode. The advantage of this is that the Text Only version will now receive all the new features of main site, without having to wait for me to make the same changes to the copied scripts, which I wasn't really prepared to do. You shouldn't notice any operating difference to before, except that the text only site won't start to look neglected when newer features aren't added to it.

Other modifications will be taking place over the rest of the evening. Hopefully there will be little or no downtime, but if there is then please bare with me.

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