Posted on Monday 11th September 2006 at 00:00
Do you remember a few days ago I wrote about how even a small job can quickly escalate into a much larger one? I suspect when I wrote that I inadvertently cursed myself or managed to anger one of the gods who read what I wrote and was cross at me for revealing one of the many secrets that govern how the universe works. Either way, last week the same thing happened, only scaled up a little. Well, a lot in fact. So much so that a job that I'd estimated would take a couple of hours tops ended up taking two days to get half done before I had to abandon it and come home. The job in question was wiring up the LAN at my new uni house, where the landlord had tried to wire it all up but had made a bit of a pig's ear out of the whole thing. Every time I attempted to tackle each little task it somehow expanded and split into two or more jobs, a bit like multiplying bacteria. In the end I found myself with three major projects, each of which was easily a day's work in itself.

This seems to happen to me a lot now that I come to think of it. Just two days after my return I was asked to fix a computer at Mum's workplace and so trundled down there to spend what I thought was a couple of hours trying to get a stubborn old computer to interact with the network. In the end I was there such a long time that Mum had been home for a couple of hours by the time I left to drive back home for tea.

Changing tact completely now, I want to talk a little about the other thing that has dominated my thoughts for the last few days, namely, isn't it the best feeling in the world when a person or a group of people go out of their way to show or tell you how much they like you and how much they want you to be with them? Such is the state of my various friendships and their histories that it is quite rare for anyone to do so much as hint to wanting me around. Don't get me wrong, this isn't me whining and saying I have no friends, I do, but by some strange quirk of fate not one of them seems to be able to find it in themselves to really show any great liking for me. Think of Dr House and Dr Wilson and you pretty much get the idea. I guess that is what comes of being friends with the people you grew up with.

Last year at uni I met a girl who was working an Open Day with me, you know, showing visitors around and such like. We got on well despite only really seeing each other at these occasional open days. Then on perhaps our third or fourth meeting she asked me if I'd like to be the fourth house mate in the house she was looking to rent for this year. I gladly accepted and ever since I've been blessed with a glimmer of social belonging. Almost daily now I get texts from my new house mates asking how I am and when I'm going to move in and telling me how much they are looking forward to living with me. Oddly enough, as I discovered on my visit last week, they aren't just being polite, they actually like and care about me and genuinely want me to move in as quickly as I can, which is partly why I am moving in on the morrow. Nice people really do exist :-)

That reminds me: as the network has not yet been completed and as our ISP is still doing whatever they have to do to get the line active, I may not post here for a few days as I will sadly be without the internet. If anyone is reading this yet, do not fear, I am (probably) not dead!

See you on the other side ...

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