Money Money Money!

Posted on Thursday 2nd November 2006 at 00:00
At last it seems my economic fast may be approaching an end! For the first time in nearly 18 months I am almost in reach of a regular part time job. It isn't for many hours a week; four in fact I believe, but it is a start, and I should be making a tidy '100 a month from that. I know in the grand scheme of things it is very little. Actually, it is less than I was earning at Waitrose when I was 15 and working for '3.68 an hour, but it should pay for my meals or my car with perhaps just enough left over to allow me the odd trip to the cinema.

This month I shall be doing very well in terms of earning, with a long list of one off days during the month working at Bristol Cathedral during the graduation ceremonies. '500 and maybe a tad over shall be mine by the time I finish and it is only a shame that I couldn't have worked more of the days on offer. Sadly though uni just had to get in the way once again. I shall be very glad once my timetable cuts down sufficiently to allow me many more hours of work a week.

Not more than a few hours after I received the email confirming my work at the Cathedral, I received a phone call from the bloke who controls the staffing of catering services at the university. He was responding to a note I'd casually slipped into the bottom of an email I sent him a few days ago saying I was interested in any regular work that may be available. It just so happens that a few hours a week need filling in one of the bars on campus. Once again my irritatingly full timetable forbad me from taking all the hours I wanted, but I shall be able to get enough to see me through until more become available.

About the same time as I was reading the cathedral email earlier today, I got a phone call from my brother, informing me that he had a friend in the music industry who may be looking for someone to build him a website at some point soon. Obviously it is early days yet and I have no idea whether or not the job will come my way, but you never know do you? An extra source of income, be it a one off payment is certainly not something for me to turn my nose up at, especially with uni taking '400 off me for tuition fees each month until February.

So yes, my friends, your humble narrator is gradually picking himself up and climbing out of the pit that is student poverty. It will be a long climb to be sure, and I doubt I'll really get a foot hold until after I graduate, but at least I hopefully won't end up any worse off than I am now. If you see a Paypal donation box appear on the website at any point in the near future, you know things haven't quite gone according to plan ;)

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