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Posted on Thursday 2nd November 2006 at 00:00
Why is it that when you exercise, you sometimes have a really good time of things and other times it is absolutely hell? I've never understood the reasoning for this but I'm sure it is the cause of most people who give up exercising doing so. I can't honestly say whether or not it was the reason I gave up on my last two gym memberships, but I'm willing to bet that the subsequent demotivation from a few bad work outs was one of the main factors for quitting.

Yesterday I had a great exercise session. I walked the same route as usual and felt fine. My pace was quick, my heart rate manageable and my legs hardly seemed to need any encouragement to keep going without slowing down. Because the walk is based on time rather than distance, if I'm going especially quickly I tend to extend to route to compensate and this was the case yesterday. As far as I can tell, if I'd stuck to my normal route I'd have shaved about 5 minutes off my previous walk. Even towards the end I was barely tiring and still had enough breath that I could have held a conversation as I went.

Today was the complete opposite of that. I set off well but within a few minutes I could tell it wasn't going to be anything like as good. My pace wasn't bad but I could feel my body grumbling and groaning at what it clearly felt was a rather unjustified strain. Within the first five minutes I was having to fight against ankles and thighs which were making a protest, in the form of aching pains with every step, and not long after that a stitch kicked in. Although I felt that I was going as fast as was humanly possible my watch told me that my times weren't all that great, in spite of heavy breathing and far more perspiration that is desirable for such light exercise.

In the end I only managed the shorter circuit and might not have even got that completed on time had it not been for a two minute stop on the high street when I bumped into my house mate and had a quick chat. As it happens this was what saved me, as in the time I stood still I was able to recover my breathing and cast off the stitch in my side as well. Although things weren't great when I carried on I was at least feeling well enough to get to the end without being reduced to a Sunday afternoon stroll.

God knows what tomorrow has in store for me, but if it isn't better than today I might seriously consider giving up exercise and dying a fat person in a supersize coffin that needs 10 people to carry it to the grave side.

P.S Has anyone noticed how quickly it is getting dark these days? It is only a little after 5 but already it is hard to see anything out of the window, beyond the last traces of sunset!

P.P.S The person in the photo isn't actually me, I stole it from the internet. Generally speaking the same goes for all the other pics I use.

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