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Posted on Thursday 2nd November 2006 at 00:00
I love my car. In the absence of a significant other or any particularly close associates, she is my best friend. I know she is nothing special (a 04 reg Fiesta with a 1.25 litre engine, a red coat of paint and about as few of the mod cons as Ford could get away with including) but she is mine and life without her would be quite hard. I'm convinced that she is a she but I've no idea what her name is. I've always been rubbish at making up names for things, and so, despite having had her a long time now, she is still just called 'car?. Perhaps that is short for Carla? Carla the car! Hmmmmmm, maybe it'll stick ....

Every morning I wake up, look out of my window and there she is; either on the drive right in front of me or parked on the road with two wheels up on the pavement just beyond. When the night has been cold and/or damp her windows are all misted up and you can tell just by looking that she is still asleep. Sometimes I wonder whether she shivers whilst sitting out there all night and if she'd like a blanket or a hot water bottle.

When I leave the house each morning she gleams in the sunlight, if there is any, and although she doesn't move, I can feel her raring to go. Although I've never encountered a frost or snow with her, we've been through some pretty cold mornings together. Luckily she always starts easily and by the time I've sorted myself out and am ready to go, she has warmed up enough to start blowing warmer air through the vents. Sometimes I have to wait a moment for the windscreen to clear of mist, but she always knows when I'm in a hurry and gets the job done quickly.

In the wet, the area of the windscreen covered by the windscreen wipers is always made visible by the fact that for some reason, the rain droplets never stick to it but always run down straight away. I've no idea whether this is intentional or not, but it would be very helpful if ever the wipers broke, as I can still see through the rain pretty well. There is a little wiper on the back window as well, but I don't tend to use that one very much as it makes a squeaking nose and doesn't clear the glass very well.

Despite the small engine, she seems to roar away by virtue of the lack of insulation under the bonnet. I have to have my music turned up pretty loud to drown out the sound of reving. Fiestas seem to me to have an uncommonly short first gear, which means you very rarely start driving with two hands on the wheel, but rather one on the gear stick continuously, at least up as far as 3rd gear. As with all modern Fords, the ride is incredibly smooth and I feel more like we are gliding down the road than riding, as I pull off the drive and begin to weave in and out of the cars parked on either side of the narrow street on which I live.

No matter where I go, she always begs me to let her stretch her legs at the high end of the gear box, and it breaks my heart to have to hold her back on the slow run up to uni. Sometimes I find an excuse to travel for a brief spell on the motorway, just so I can really open her up a little. I don't care what people say, cars need exercise just as much as people. Maybe more in fact. I love to drive and I think that has a lot to do with the enjoyment of the car itself. For me it isn't so much a tool of necessity but a pleasure filled hobby.

My car is very nimble, as can be seen by anyone who cares to observe the way she parks. After racing up the hill and around the roundabout, into the uni car park, this incredible beast of a machine transforms instantly into a small rodent or bird, able to dart quickly and easily into the smallest of holes, all the while twisting and turning to avoid the obstacles around her. She is a small car and as such, slips into the smallest spaces imaginable seemingly without a second thought.

When I return from lectures, I can always see her nose, distinctive and red, sticking out from between the other cars, as if waving a flag to remind me where I parked. I hope I'm never without my car; she is the only one I can talk to who doesn't judge me, or make sarcastic comments. In fact she never says anything at all, just sits and listens, all the while purring like a contented cat. If you have a car, show it lots of love and affection and you shall be happier for it :)

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