Posted on Tuesday 31st October 2006 at 00:00
Well, it seems the 'extra hour in bed? induced good mood of Sunday lasted a little longer than my sleeping patterns should have allowed for. Sunday was just the first of what is now a three day streak of productiveness that has seen me defrost the freezer, catch up on my uni work, keep the house free of my mess and take up exercise again. Yes that's right, I said EXERCISE. Nothing quite so dramatic and ultimately death defying as signing back up for the gym, but I'm reliably informed that that much exercise really isn't necessary.

On Saturday night, as I waited for the clock to tick closer and closer to 2am I found myself casually browsing the BBC Health website. I've been here before and found their information both encouraging and informative, so I thought I'd have a look and see what the advice was on exercise. I'd expected to find out that if I ran flat out for 100 years I could just about avoid the fast train to Cholesterol Central, the terminal for Heart Attack City, but actually the news was relatively encouraging.

Apparently, the average person can get enough exercise to keep them ticking over just by walking briskly for 30 minutes each day! While this won't exactly turn you into an Olympic class athlete nor get you the slimmer of the year award at Fat Fighters, it seems it should be enough to stop things getting any worse and maybe help you to feel a little better as well.

Since the gym is my idea of hell and making any significant alterations to my diet (which is already fairly balanced) would take away my one remaining pleasure in life (eating) this seemed like the best starting point for getting myself back into shape. Life style gurus say the best way to improve your life is to make small changes that are easy to stick to and then build on them over time, and you don't get a much smaller change then 30 minutes a day of light exercise do you?

The plan is to keep it up for two weeks and then see how I feel. Assuming it isn't obviously killing me and isn't disrupting the routine of my life to an extent that I can't incorporate, I intend to carry it on and maybe build on it as time goes on. I'm not hugely optimistic, all such previous plans having been dismal failures, but at least I'm trying, which is a lot more than I usually can manage.

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