Weekend Routine

Posted on Saturday 11th February 2012 at 20:00
Sometimes the greatest pleasures in life come from the simplest things. A nice meal; a good film; a walk; feeling cosy; listening to some great music; that sort of thing. During those times when nothing especially noteworthy or exciting is happening, these simple pleasures can keep you going, and I always try to appreciate them.

Without really meaning to, we've fallen into something of a routine at the weekends. It's perhaps not very exciting by most people's standards, but if you're going to keep costs low and have nothing urgent to do, it's quite a nice way to spend one's time.

It starts at about 6 on a Friday evening, when L and I have finished working for the week. I run her a candle lit bath so that she can soak out all the stress of a week of teaching and then stick on some jazz whilst I cook dinner. Dinner on a Friday could be anything: the only requirements are that it's a little bit posher than what we eat the rest of the week and it's either something we've never cooked before, or something we've not had for a very long time.

Friday night is girlie movie night and also wine night. By girlie movie night, I mean a film chosen by L that typically falls into either the romantic, romantic comedy or drama genres from our DVD collection. In an organised week we tend to eat dinner at the table as we have time to watch television afterwards, and in a disorganised one, the two activities are combined, with the aid of our lap trays.

We tend to wake fairly early on Saturday morning, thanks to the weekday affect on our body clocks. Unlike weekdays, we always eat breakfast on the sofa at the weekend, unless we fancy it in bed. We also have nicer cereal than on a week day, and croissants rather than toast. It's these little differences that make the weekend so scrummy.

After breakfast we quickly clean the flat - not very pleasurable in itself, but worth it for the feeling of a lovely clean home that we get afterwards - and then go out. We are both keen walkers and Saturday invariably involves a walk on Dartmoor, along the coast path or through some woods somewhere. For lunch we tend to pack a sandwich or, better still a ciabatta roll. I like ciabatta so much that my mouth is watering at the very thought of the one I ate earlier.

We arrive home feeling a little knackered and settle in for the evening. Jogging bottoms, thick jumpers and slippers are the name of the game, and with a hot chocolate each to refresh us, we pass a happy hour or two on the sofa, jazz or classical on the radio depending on our mood, and take to our laptops. If I ever write a blog post here, this is when I do it, and L kindly proof reads for me when I'm done.

Saturday night dinner is junk food night. It'd be a takeaway if we did takeaways, but over the years, financial necessity has forced us to do things ourselves. There are very few popular takeaway items now that I can't recreate from scratch at home. Pizza, burgers, fish and chips, fajitas, I can do them all and I love the challenge of recreating the takeaway experience at home. Tonight I'm doing chicken nuggets and chips, all homemade of course!

Just as Friday night was girlie movie night, Saturday night is man film night! If it involves guns, explosions, action, violence or anything else that we wouldn't watch on a Friday it can go on whilst we tuck into the fruits of my kitchen labours.

Sundays are a little bit more variable as we gear back up for the week ahead. L often has school work to do, but if she doesn't, we might find ourselves at a National Trust property, or occasionally playing Scrabble in Seco Lounge.

Roasts aren't obligatory, but sometimes I just can't help myself. My biggest challenge though on a Sunday is getting in front of the TV in time for Country File at 7, even if that means watching whilst doing the ironing.

So, there you have it, a little taster of how we make the most of the little things in life to bring pleasure to our free time. It may sound boring to you, I don't know, but if you're feeling a lack of excitement tonight, perhaps this post will inspire you to make your weekend a little bit special. I hope so.

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