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Posted on Monday 23rd October 2006 at 00:00
My housemates appear to have just left without saying goodbye so I'm turning to my other source of companionship, my blog. Having finally done most of the chores I need to do today I feel I can stop just long enough to write the post that I would have written last night if I hadn't been suffering from a nasty bout of tiredness.

First though, I'm going to fetch myself a nice warm coffee ....

That's better. I wanted to start tonight by making a correction to an earlier post in which I claimed that I paid around '5 for an energy saving light bulb. This was in fact a complete and utter lie as on further examination of the receipt yesterday I discovered that I actually paid around '3.50. This is actually more significant than you may think, as we shall see later. As I said at the time, I was so impressed that I decided to buy some more to light up my room. It was for this reason that when I was in Woolworths on Sunday and just by chance saw the same light bulbs for a quid cheaper than I'd bought them in Tesco, I decided to buy a load.

I'd meant to buy 5 originally; three for my room, one for the kitchen and one for the landing. However, upon arriving home I discovered that for some bizarre reason I'd only bought 4. What made it worse was that when I got one out of the box I discovered it was a screw fit, not the other kind, and so were all the others. In short I'd just spent '10 on a load of light bulbs I couldn't even use.

Luckily for me I was to have another shopping trip that day, this time to B&Q, where lo and behold I found the same light bulbs again, this time for a mere 98p! You have to admit, that is a pretty reasonable price for energy savers. I didn't check but I'm pretty sure that that works out at about the same cost as regular bulbs.

So anyway I buy the things and install them and return the other bulbs to Woolworths, which is why at 1 o clock this afternoon I was stood in the queue for the tills with a weird man snoring and coughing down the back of my neck, as eluded to in a previous post. The reason why I visited both Woolworths and B&Q on Sunday, which was the point of this post before I went off on a light bulb tangent was my mobile phone's car cradle.

I bought a cradle for my phone to sit in within a few days of getting the car as it was clearly an essential item. Since the cradle supplied by Orange was rather expensive I got a cheap generic one from Tesco and that was that. At least until Saturday when I was in the Orange shop in The Galleries and couldn't resist buying an in-car charger for the phone. Now, God knows why I need an in car charger given that my phone battery has a good standby time of several days and I feel popular if I get as much as one phone call in a week, let alone a long battery draining one while I'm in the car but there you go; I wanted one.

On the way home from the shops a great idea popped into my head. 'Hey? I said to myself, 'wouldn't it be great if I could somehow attach the charger to the cradle so that as soon as my phone is dropped into the cradle it will automatically start charging and I won't have to go to all the trouble of plugging it in!? To put this in context, I already drive anyone I give a lift to mad by taking the time to get my phone out of my bag or pocket, place it in the charger and then get out my Bluetooth headset, switch it on and attach it to my ear every time I get behind the wheel even though I haven't received or made a call from the car since about August and I didn't want to give them anymore reason to want to kill me before I've even switched on the engine.

On closer examination I realised what a challenge this would be. For a start there wasn't a huge amount of room for the charge lead to poke out of the cradle which meant I'd have to get a hacksaw and chop a section out of the cradle for the plug to sit into. The other major hurdle was that the surface area involved was very small, which meant I would need some really, really strong glue to hold those two pieces of plastic together against the pushing and pulling of my phone entering and leaving the cradle.

Actually that reminds me, I'm supposed to be moving the car tonight so my housemate can have the drive. Better do that now .....

So in the end I was forced to buy a hacksaw and some super strong plastic glue (no thanks to the bumpkin in B&Q who didn't seem to know that there was more than one type of super glue when I asked him which one would be best) and spent a fair chunk of yesterday afternoon making lots of mess and having a great time and eventually putting together something which not only looks stylish (sort of) but actually works! I could have included a picture but I imagine that would only provoke a barrage of comments disputing my claim about it looking good. Ah well.

Other news in brief: I developed a theory this morning that the amount of time by which you oversleep is directly proportional to the number of pillows you have. For the last two nights I've used two instead of one and have overslept both times. My bedroom currently looks like a Chinese laundry (no offence to any Chinese readers, although I guess I'm only talking to ex-pats since there is no way the Great Firewall of China hasn't blocked this decedent Western blog yet) as without a tumble drier and with bad weather forecast from now until Dooms Day I've been forced to dry everything in my room with the aid of several lengths of string running the length of my room and acting as a make-shift washing line. God only knows how they used to manage in the olden days. Actually I'm not sure they did since they all tended to die before it was wash day.

Anyways, the word count tells me that I'm already over 1,100 words so it is probably time to stop writing now before I kill off anyone who is still left reading this thing.


P.S I apologise for the appalling writing style and excessive references to myself in the first person. I've just read it over and it is dreadful but if I start rewriting it I won't finish before Christmas so this will have to do. Sorry.

P.P.S Apologies again, this time for the crappy content of the post and a lack of anything interesting to talk about.

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