A Few Little Changes

Posted on Thursday 23rd September 2010 at 00:00
Over the next....few days...weeks....decades....however long it takes me, you'll start to see a few changes around here. At the moment I'm carrying out all the work on my local machine using the rather amazing WAMP (, but eventually it'll make it as far as the live site, and then everything will suddenly look quite different!

What's going on?

Well, up until now, this site has been a weird and uneasy mixture of my own code (all the pages of the main site) and a WordPress installation (this blog). I've had it that way because I've been unable to decide whether the convenience and security of WordPress makes up for the fact that it isn't my own code, which for a developer is a tiny bit shameful. It does. I like writing my own code, I really do, and I've no intention of stopping any time soon, but I have a few reasons for not doing so here any more:

  • This site exists so that other people can find out about me and what I do, quickly and easily. It isn't exactly a portfolio site, but it is intended to show off my professional skills in a good light, and this won't happen if the site is full of glitches.

  • Lack of time. I'm really keen to keep as up to date as possible. No one wants to hear my news if it is 6 months old and says I'm working for a company I actually left 3 jobs ago. WordPress allows me to add and alter content far more quickly than I can when doing everything by hand. I don't have time to write database updating scripts just now, so everything on the site is hard coded, and that just isn't sustainable.

  • Security/compatibility. Making a site fully compliant with W3 standards and making it look good in every browser is a really time consuming task. I can do it once (and did), but I can't spend several hours checking everything after every last update or change to the site, it just isn't practical.

What changes am I making?

I shall be moving all of the non-WordPress content into WordPress, so that it is easy to update and keep an eye on. Once I've done that, I'll be building an entire WordPress theme for the site, which will hopefully make it look inspirational and worthy of someone who claims to be good at this kind of thing. This bit will probably take me a really, really long time, so don't hold your breath, but when I finally finish it, it'll be super amazingly cool.

Any changes to the blog?

This post is my first attempt at using Posterous ( to post to the blog via email. I'm hoping that this will somehow prove to be quicker than writing in the normal WordPress interface, and that I might, therefore, update more often. This remains to be seen. Other than that, no, it should be business as usual on the blog, and as usual, I expect business will be very quiet indeed.

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