I've [Not] Got The Power

Posted on Tuesday 4th May 2010 at 00:00
When I started blogging, back in 2004, I tended to spend my free time pretty much glued to my home desktop, and so, naturally enough, that is where I used to write my blogs.

Occasionally I used to venture out to Starbucks in Bristol and tap away on my big clunky Dell Inspiron, as the change of scenery seemed to be good for my blogging. On occasion I'd try my hand at typing out a whole post on my HTC Vox, the first Smartphone I had that came with Wi-Fi, but it was slow going.

These days I find my Asus EEE PC is my prefered blogging tool, even when I'm at home and have access to the desktop (still struggling on, all these years later), but not today. You see, I've forgotten to charge the laptop.

Times gone by I'd never have dreamed of leaving the house without the power cable for the laptop, because with a battery life of less than an hour, it wasn't worth ever using it without the mains. But with the Asus, the battery life is 9.5 hours, which in lunch break terms equates to several days worth of use. And when a battery lasts that long, not only do I not take the cable with me, I rarely even know where it is, so long is the gap between charges.

So, on Friday I may have noticed that my battery was low, but a bank holiday weekend of barbecues, jazz and fish have completely wiped my memory of this, leaving me with a flat battery.

And so I'm typing this on my iPod. And that's all I wanted to say really.


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