Site Upgrade II

Posted on Monday 23rd October 2006 at 00:00
Well, after a stupid number of hours work, I finally have the Text-Only version of the site online (yay go the narrow banders)! I've also done one or two other cosmetic updates and some script modifications. I'm currently working on a script to show snippets of the latest comments that people have added to the site. This is proving a little tricky however so I've put off finishing it until tomorrow perhaps. It shouldn't take too long but it is already twenty to two and I'm pretty tired. It is lucky I'm running this post through a word processor because my typing is going to shit just now.

I was planning to write a longer post about what I've been up to today (besides web design) but I don't think I'd do it justice without first getting some sleep, so that will have to wait. Til then I guess you'll just have to keep hitting Refresh like the eager little blog readers I know you are until I update again.

P.S I shan't take responsibility for any RSD you receive from over enthusiastic refreshing.

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