Will it Ever Stop Snowing?!

Posted on Friday 6th February 2009 at 00:00
As I write this the snow is falling for at least the third time this week, and it has been forecast to land on Bristol almost every day for the next week or so. I guess when they say it's the most dramatic snow for 20 years they really mean it, huh?

Today Bristol was hit far worse than before, resulting in the closure of my uni and most of the schools in the area, as well as a suspension of all the buses in the city for several hours. I took advantage of my first ever snow day to get you some decent quality photos of the snow around here, taken on a proper camera this time.

By the time I'd finished applying for jobs and had eaten lunch, the snow in Bristol itself had turned completely to slush, so I decided to venture out of the city and take a walk along the Bristol to Bath cycle path, at the point that it passes the Avon Valley Railway. Hopefully the resulting pictures offer something slightly different to the usual pictures of snow covered cars.

Snow Covered Tracks

Cold Loco

Snowy South Glos


Many, many more photos can be found in my Flickr Photostream, so please take a look if you are interested :-)

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