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Posted on Tuesday 2nd December 2008 at 00:00
Hello and Welcome!

This is the first post written exclusively for the new version of the blog, which is still very much in the development process, but which I think is ready for me to start posting again. For those who are still working their way over from the old version of the blog, hey there! It's ok, you're in the right place! It's still me, Ignorminious, although as you can see, the name of the blog itself has been changed, for reasons which I will explain in a moment. But first a warm hello to everyone who is finding the blog for the first time, you are very welcome indeed. Don't forget to check the About page for more information.

Now, time for a little house keeping I think. The new blog comes with a new URL for the RSS feed, which is as follows:

Got that? Good. The URL for the site itself remains unchanged, despite the change of site name and a complete overhaul of the site itself. As those of you with eagle eyes will have noticed, I am now using WordPress, rather than the scripts that I wrote specifically for the old version of the site myself. This should offer me much greater functionality and usability, as well as improved security for you guys, as WordPress should prove fairly resistant to the hackers who made my blog life a misery by constantly hacking the site databases and either posting rude messages or else deleting large sections of the archives, which was an utter arse to fix. Yes, I do consider myself posh enough to use phrases such as "utter arse", so if you don't like it you can jolly well sit on a hot buttered crumpet and swivel!

This, for those of you reading off the site itself, is not the final design for the site, nor even my design. This is one that I downloaded from the WordPress Theme Directory to make everything look nice until I develop my own custom theme. I hope you approve. The name change is mine though, and although I don't intend to shell out for a new URL for the site, I shall be using my Ignorminious alias less often from now on, as it wasn't proving memorable enough to ever be widely adopted, and it isn't much fun to type in either, as those who've tried it will know.

I've done my best to import my old posts into the WordPress system and have met with some success. They are all here to a greater or lesser extent, but many are suffering from formatting errors that I simply won't have time to fix, and for which I apologise. Right now though I'm more interested in looking forward than looking back, and there are many exciting improvements still to make.

So thus concludes my first post! If you have any thoughts about the new blog, why not drop me a line or two in the comment box, or perhaps just say hi? It'll be great to hear from you :-)

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