Posted on Wednesday 25th June 2008 at 00:00
About a year ago, I sat in StarBucks with a cup of coffee and my HTC Vox smartphone and wrote this post to test out my device.

Now, a year on I'm testing another new handheld piece of pricey kit. This time it's my new iPod Touch, and I'm head over heels in love with it! Let's start with the physical: it sits perfectly in my hand, weighing just enough that I know it's there, but not nearly enough that it could ever tire me out. The screen is 3.5" of crystal clear, touch screen goodness that is more than adequate both for web browsing and watching video or viewing pictures. It knows which way up it is and will adjust from portrait to landscape views quickly and without hassle whenever you tilt the device accordingly.

Sadly for the designer of the shell, it is completely eclipsed by the incredibly sleek and intuitive user interface. I'm typing this on the touchscreen keyboard, which despite being so small that I must be hitting 3 or 4 keys at once, it is quite rare for me to mistype and it is actually a pleasure to tap away at this thing. If you do make a mistake, the interface will compensate and correct your typing as you go. Obviously this can be a pain when typing non-standard words, such as web urls.

The features are also pretty impressive. As well as all the wonderful iPod features, it contains a very usable email client and a fully functioning web browser, capable of correctly displaying even my poorly coded sites :-)

I've only had this device for a week and a half but already this has replaced my mobile as my favourite handheld device for email and web access. I would love to stay and chat about this all day, as I really do love it, but sadly work must intrude once again. Rest assured I will be reading your comments on here as they come in :-)

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