Dispatches From Leicester

Posted on Thursday 19th June 2008 at 00:00
Written last night in the hotel room which turned out to only have expensive internet access, hence uploading the following morning

Well the journey up to Leicester was rather hellish, with an hour and a half of sitting in stationary traffic whilst emergency resurfacing work was carried out on the M42.

I'm writing to you now from the bedroom of my hotel, which we visited earlier to drop bags off before going to a session by the Creative Writing and New Media MA group at DMU. I must confess to being rather impressed by the presentations given, which were both professional and inspiring. One lady was attempting to use Web 2.0 to raise awareness of the situation in Burma, whilst another had combined a blog, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to write an online novel, in which the characters lives were played out across these various different platforms.

After the presentations had ended, we moved base camp to a fantastic Indian restaurant, where we spent most of the evening. The conversation that flowed was, not surprisingly, all about new media and social networking, and this was enhanced when it was discovered that a party from a Leicester Uni conference were also in the room. They came over to us and we talked about the similarities between the two conferences and how they were looking at the Web 2.0 problem from the point of view of the museum sector, where as we will be looking at the whole thing.

A short walk back to the hotel found 6 or 7 of us sat in the Saloon Lounge for an hour, drinks in hand, discussing dissertations and projects on various postgraduate courses. We have an early start tomorrow, with conference registration at 9, so I'll sign off here and get some shut eye.

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