Buck Up, Big 3!

Posted on Friday 13th June 2008 at 00:00
Agh! So much for posting every single day. Over a week without a peep out of me :-(

Luckily this time I have an excuse, namely the other woman website, which I talked about the other day. When I started the project I envisaged something quick and simple. All I had to do was create a simple site with no special features, on which I could write about myself for people wishing to know more about me. The entire thing was going to take perhaps 6 hours to build, I thought.

8 hours later and I've just about got the title bar the way I want it. Now, I'm not a web design virgin. Not at all. I've been dabbling on and off for nearly a decade now and as regular readers will know, I built this very site that you are reading right now. But this time I felt that, because of the continuing browser war, which now sees Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari all holding large shares of the market, I'd make my site look good in all of them.

Oh dear.

The problem is as follows: an organisation called the W3C has responsibility for setting the standards that web site coders must follow. They are fairly simple to implement, easy to learn about and, for the most part, very effective. Alas browser coders are a pompous lot, generally speaking, and they all think that they know better. As a result, not one of the Big 3 browsers actually meets the standards entirely, and because of this, they all display web pages in a different way.

Here is my title bar as it appears in Internet Explorer:


...and in Firefox:

...and again in Safari:

You see the differences? That is after 8 hours of making tiny changes to my style sheet, saving it, uploading it and then checking what it looks like in all three browsers.

Am I the only one who thinks Microsoft, Mozilla and Apple need a clip round the ear hole and told to fix it?

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