Hotel Amenities

Posted on Wednesday 4th June 2008 at 00:00
Just a quick post today, as time is of the essence.

I've just been looking at hotels in Leicester that I might like to stay in for the Nlabs Social Networks Conference later this month and I'm quite surprised to see that here, in 2008, in Britain, internet access in hotels is still listed on most hotel websites as a 'luxury? amenity.

Luxury?! Most of these hotels aren't even talking about Wi-Fi in the rooms! They are talking about a cable in the lounge that has to be shared between all the guests. How is that luxury? I honestly cannot understand this school of thought at all.

Internet access is not a luxury. You can get internet access for less a month than most people spend on their water bill. If internet access is a luxury then so is a shower in the room. Or a bed. It costs far more to put a bed in each room than it does to provide broadband, but you don't see hotels charging extra for those do you?

I really wish I knew how long we'll have to wait before public places, such as shops, restaurants and hotels get with the programme and start to realise that they are losing business by not joining the 21st Century and providing free internet for all.

Hell, I've even started visiting McDonald's more often when I'm in town, because they have free Wi-Fi, where as Starbucks charge.

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