Impulse Purchase

Posted on Tuesday 3rd June 2008 at 00:00
I've just bought myself a second domain name. How very random is that?

About an hour ago I decided, on a whim to Google myself, just to see what would come up and if any of it would relate to me. The results appeared and as I looked through them I realised that there are a lot of Mark Glovers in the world. It seems my name sakes are enjoying professional careers in fields as diverse as campaigns for animal rights, performance engineering for a rail company, authoring academic textbooks and professional photography.

Then, about half way down the page I spotted my nemesis; the Mark Glover who owns I've never actually met this person and I don't actually have a grudge against them, obv, but one of the first things I did when I got my very first internet connection, even before I'd set up an email account or Googled 'porn', was to check and see if I could secure as my own website domain name. Much to my annoyance, the domain was taken then and remains taken to this day.

What I didn't see when I looked through those Google results was a listing for On another whim, I checked to see if it was available to buy, and it was. So I did. Ha!

Not entirely sure what I'll do with it yet. Obviously Ignorminious? Misty Mind is staying right where it is. I'm thinking perhaps a site advertising me as a professional person would be a good idea. I don't actually have a career mapped out yet, but I figure that a well developed site with contact details, information on me etc etc would be a useful place to send people when I start networking and applying for jobs in a year or so.

I admit the ideas aren't exactly a well thought out plan at this stage, but domains are so cheap these days that it made sense to secure this one now, rather than letting one of the other, evil Mark Glovers steal it from me. I would not be impressed to find myself stuck with

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