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Posted on Monday 2nd June 2008 at 00:00
And so, a new week, a new month and a new blog post (admittedly on the second day of the month, as I didn't think about writing one yesterday) and nothing much to talk about, as usual.

This week my hours at work have been cut back, which means that instead of starting at 9, as I have been doing since last September, I now don't start each day until 11. Eventually a combination of tiredness, laziness and a depressive mood will lead me to start sleeping in until half 10ish, but until it does, I thought I'd use the extra two hours in the morning to get back into writing my dear little blog.

As it happens I failed slightly this morning, in that it's now afternoon and I am only just starting this, but that's ok, coz I used my morning to get done lots of really useful, but mostly dull things, so that I now have the afternoon free for writing instead. I love it when a plan comes together.

Recently I've become increasingly envious of those who, despite the ups and downs in their lives, are able to keep blogging at a consistent rate, seemingly forever. Some of the blogs I read even update on specific days of the week and never, it seems, fail to meet their self imposed deadlines.

I'm not like this anymore. Once upon a time I was updating at least once a day every day, but eventually I either lost enthusiasm or was too exhausted to write or simply didn't have anything to say. More than once I've considered sticking up a big sign saying 'That's it folks, I'm all out of stuff to say here. Please enjoy my back catalogue of fantastic musings and ignore any whiney, apologetic posts about not posting from this point onwards!?

In three weeks or so, I'll be attending the NLab Social Networks Conference at De Montfort University in Leicester. It is being organised by the same people who did the Women, Business and Blogging conference that I attended last year. Back then I was slightly ashamed of the infrequency of my blogging, what with it being a technology conference. Wind the clock 12 months on and the situation is decidedly worse. Hopefully, if I can get into the habit again now, I will look like a proper blogger by the time the conference arrives and I show up with my laptop, ready to eagerly take notes/subtly check my emails and chat on Facebook.

They say that the weather is going to be pretty shit this summer, and that, combined with the lack of a garden anywhere near my apartment, should ensure that I find time to do this on a regular basis. If I don't keep updating, can someone please give me a good telling off, so that I start again?

Pretty please?

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