Coincidence Or Cock-Up?

Posted on Thursday 6th March 2008 at 00:00
If you ever require clarification that large organisations tend to balls-up when it comes to organising themselves, please consider the following example.

I finish work this afternoon and walk the short distance from the bar to the university library, where I immediately head to the library catalogue computer terminal to search for a book I need to take out. The book in question is the core text for one of my modules, so I'm expecting the library to be well stocked, especially since the module is well attended.

Much to my dismay, the computer informs me that just one copy exists on the catalogue, and that it isn't due to be returned for another 10 days. Just to make sure, I go and find the relevant section to see what is actually there.

There are no copies of the book to be found on the shelf. However, there are at least a dozen copies of a completely different book that just so happens to have the exact same title as the one I'm after.

Coincidence, or cock-up?

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