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Posted on Sunday 27th January 2008 at 00:00
Recently I've been finding (perhaps because of my work schedule) that I'm far more interested in the items on my feed list that are, shall we say, bite size. Either laziness or a lack of time during the day has driven me away from long winded posters (though I do still read every post they write) into the arms of those who rarely put more than a couple of paragraphs out into the world at any one time.

Among these are my favourites of all: comic strips. I refrain from saying web comics because some, such as Dilbert and Peanuts, originated in the ancient world of newspapers, whatever they were. The following is a list of RSS Feeds that each make just one minute of my day that bit more enjoyable for their tiny existence:

Geek And Poke
Private Secret Diary
Quote of the Day

Each of these is well recommended for anyone wanting to combine regular updates with still having time to do other things. For those of you with more time, why not check out some of the links on the right hand side?

I'm musing on the idea of finding something short that I can do here on a regular basis, to fill in the gaps when I don't have time to write longer updates. I can't do a web comic unfortunately, because I can't actually draw (the owl on the right of the screen took several hours and nearly killed me), but I'd like to try and find something that I can do quickly, with very little fuss and which will keep my readers entertained.

If anyone has any ideas about a short, regular feed they'd like to see, then why not tell me about it in the comments box below?

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