Coffee Cock-Up

Posted on Thursday 29th November 2007 at 00:00
I'm ordered to serve coffee and tea to some very important people.

Apparently these are senior people within the university and should be pleased at all costs. Having regularly served formal dinners to the Board of Governors over the last year, I'm pretty confident that I am up to the challenge. However, I'm rather pushed for time, it being the middle of the lunch time rush, and I'm cross to have this extra burden dumped on me at no notice.

Fortunately, as I enter the kitchen I find a full up pot of coffee and a full up pot of tea sitting ready for me to take into the board room, where the very senior people are. Without hesitation I take them on through, bow myself out of the room and return to my duties.

After a minute The Boss shows up and asks if I've done the teas and coffees yet. I tell her that I have, thanks to the pots she'd already prepared for me.

'What pots?? she asks in a worried voice, and I explain the situation to her. 'Oh shit!? she replies, 'Those pots weren't for the very senior people. They've been sat there since yesterday!?

Needless to say the coffee was stone cold and there were complaints and apologies and replacement beverages. Two weeks on and I'm still trying to live it down.

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