Unsung Hero Saves Motorists From Big Bad Cops

Posted on Monday 10th September 2007 at 00:00
Yesterday I was driving through Bristol. The road between Kingswood and St George, heading towards the city centre if you want to be precise, which I know you don't. Traffic was light on the ground and I was enjoyed every m/s of my 30MPH and so only just spotted the wooden board propped against a traffic island bollard in the middle of the road.

It was quite a reasonably sized piece of wood, maybe four foot by four foot, and in white paint somebody had written the legend 'POLICE CAMERA 200 YDS?. The message had clearly been written in some hurry and the sign erected without planning permission, and to my eyes it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

Some unknown saint - a resident of that street perhaps & had spotted the mobile speed camera parking up in position for a good day's worth of highway robbery and had sought to protect the motoring public at large; unknown strangers who he (or she) could not allow to be bankrupted by the money-grabbing division of the Avon and Somerset Police Force.

To me, a chronic breaker of traffic laws, this anonymous individual was our Robin Hood to their Sheriff of Nottingham; a saviour of society and beacon of hope in this over regulated and morally bankrupt wasteland that we call the modern world. An example to all and an inspiration for all those with a large piece of wood and a paint brush. If only we were all as charitable.

As it happens, I didn't come across the speed camera before passing the sister sign facing the other way, but did find it further down the road at some traffic lights, where the road forks to the left and leads to Hanham. It and I appeared to be going the same way, and we were half way across the city before we parted ways and I could speed off again, only to arrive at my destination 100 yards later.

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