A Year In The Making…

Posted on Sunday 2nd September 2007 at 00:00
And so to a somewhat special milestone in the history of this blog, for today it is exactly a year since I sat at my computer in the middle of the night, back in my parent's house in Yateley and wrote my first piece for this blog. As far as I was concerned at the time it was still the 1st September, not the 2nd, and I would have chosen that date on which to write this, were it not for the timestamp on the post, which tells me that it went up at 00:33 GMT on the 2nd of the month.

And what a year it has been! Towards the end of August 2006 I wasn't a cheerful chappy. Over the summer I'd become increasingly disgruntled with the failure (as I saw it at the time) of my friends to make any real efforts to spend time together during the university holidays. What was actually happening was the shift in the nature of these friendships, from the everyday friends who like to meet up several times a week for drinking, eating and trips to the cinema, to the stereo typical 'old school friends? who are gradually going their separate ways and who simply don't have the time to be as close as they once were.

I was the only one of my particular circle of friends to not be working over the summer, and as with previous years I was bored and ever so slightly lonely during the long days spent alone. I was also unique for being the only one to return home from university expecting to socialise more, not less than I had been doing. On the whole I had found & and continue to find & that my acquaintances in Bristol are few and far between. Those I know here tend to have very separate lives outside lectures, in which I do not feature.

There are probably a number of reasons for this, not least a difference in personalities and interests, and also that many of these people are local to the area, and so have existing friendship groups firmly established here. My school friends had likewise moved quickly and easily into groups at their respective universities, and so by the time we came home for summer, they felt no need to catch up on social activities as I did.

You must forgive my rambling as I am well aware that this is quite a dull story, but it is one that I have not told in full before, and feel that it should be written down, even if it costs me a few more of my readership. Perhaps I could throw in a joke or two to liven things up.

...or perhaps not.

So anyway, August 2006 and I'm feeling annoyed and unhappy with my situation in life and wish to indulge in a little escapism. Quite by chance I happen across an episode of Meet The Bloggers, which was being broadcast on Radio 4 at the time. It was the episode with Anna Pickard in and after listening to the show I visited her site and read a few of her posts. The idea of blogging to an audience of total strangers seemed to fit my needs entirely, and without further hesitation I began the task of hard coding the site you see before you today.

Actually, a lot of what you see before you today was added in bits and pieces over the course of the year, but after around two days, I had enough of the site functional that I couldn't resist writing my first post.

Since then it's been pretty hard to stop for most of the time. Statistically speaking, at 235 posts to date, including this one, I've fallen far below my original target of one post per day, but not at first. In fact, over the autumn and early winter I posted frequently and well. Even looking back now, I'm surprised and inspired by what I was writing back then.

Finally, at 13:41 GMT on Tuesday 17 October 2006, I got what I'd been waiting for from the beginning: my first comment. I've had quite a few more since then as well, 624 at the moment. Not bad really considering the sort of wank I usually write. In fact, it's almost half the number of offers I get via email to sell me little blue pills and fake degrees every hour.

Over the summer there's been a slight downturn in the number of posts I've been pumping out. Some would call it the summer lull, but I don't know if there is any truth in this statement, given how awful the weather has been. Even as I write this, the wind's picked up and the rain's begun to fall. I have been busy though, it can't be denied. Work has been doing its very best to take over my entire life and moving house didn't leave me with a whole lot of spare time either.

As autumn begins for the second time in the life of this blog though, I'm rather hoping to get back into the swing of regular posting once more. There is a gap in what could loosely be described as my 'schedule? between getting home from work and deciding to cook dinner, which would be most suited to blogging. If memory serves, this is when I used to do most of my blogging throughout the winter, as an alternative to being forced to watch Hollyoaks with J, H and A.

With that 'promise? of more effort in mind, I'll leave you now and return to gazing out the window at the builders/handymen who appear to be doing something with the semi-derelict property across the road from me. So far they've been practicing hitting things with hammers to see which method makes the most disruptive noise, as well as climbing onto the fragile looking corrugated plastic roof and then stamping on bits of it to see what will happen.

Oh wait, now they are hitting the roof with the hammer. Excellent.

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