Posted on Tuesday 28th August 2007 at 00:00
A friend and I stroll along Bristol's historic Harbourside area. The sun is hot and shining at just the right angle to allow the light to reflect off the shimmering water and dazzle those who gaze upon it, no matter where on the quay they stand. We are taking advantage of the weather to practice our photography skills, by pretending to be tourists and snapping away at anything we consider scenic or artistic, whilst at the same time trying to find ever more fool proof ways of obtaining professional looking photos.

'I suppose the trick? I venture, whilst examining an image I've just captured using the preview screen on the rear of the camera, 'is to think about what you should cut out of the picture, as well as what you should leave in.?

This is certainly true in my experience anyway, as the best photos I take are not the wide views, positioned so as to incorporate as much of the scene as possible, but the zoomed in shots; the ones that include only the subject of the photo, and as little background as possible. Sometimes the pictures of which I am most proud don't even show the whole of the subject, but are merely spotlights on specific parts.

I've recently discovered that in this respect, photography is a lot like blogging. When you write a blog, you can either choose to talk about your life and absolutely everything in it or you can decide to focus each post on very small aspects of what you experience each day. Often the best blogs, to my mind at least, are not the ones that run through every event of the day in chronological order, as though they are little more than appointment diaries, written retrospectively. The best ones are those that will talk about something incredibly small and insignificant and nothing else for that post. Just one tiny snippet of the writer's universe, put down in an easily digestible bite size chunk for the reader to enjoy.

Perhaps, as with my photography, this is the sort of outcome I should aim for in my future creative output?

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